In the current environment, Pain Management, although is very much needed, is a controversial topic. We do what is possible to provide compassionate non-interventional pain management with the goal of allowing you the ability to find pain relief. While interventional pain management has it’s place with chronic pain, we will not force to do multiple injections and/or invasive procedures in order to maintain your medication management! While we are required to follow the new guidelines, we will listen to what you feel works best for your pain in order to develop a medication plan specific for you. We pride ourselves in the rare model of combining opioid medication management, Alternative and Regenerative Medicine and Counseling. Between our FNP-C and our ND, we offer both Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine treatments.

Traditional Medicine

Trigger Point injections

Injections of a local anesthetic, steroid or a natural steroid option in the muscle or fascia tissue to offer localized pain relief.


Opioid medications will require annual opioid agreements, monthly urine screens and the expectations of following all state and federal guidelines. Non-opioid options are also regularly used to help with nerve pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

Our practitioner is also trained and experienced in using Buprenorphine for both pain management and addiction issues. Buprenorphine is perfect for patients that struggle with medication management, opioid medication tapers, those who are not finding relief with their opioid medication, and/or patients that would like to “reset their pain receptors”. Several Buprenorphine products contain Naloxone. While Naloxone makes this medication safer for you, studies also show that Low Dose Naloxone (LDN) also helps with pain!