Our IV bags offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, ozone, chelating agents and/or other nutrients that are tailored to meet what your body needs! We offer a variety of different IV therapies that are provided at our office and more than on IV therapy can be provided during a treatment session. Chronic pain or persistent migraines? We can also create a bag for that too! No matter if it is a treatment to a deficiency, preventive for the flu or just overall health – we have you covered! IV’s will take approximately 45 minutes, so plan accordingly. You are welcome to relax in a recliner or lounger while you watch TV or work from your laptop while you re-charge, re-hydrate and re-energize!

Myers Cocktail

This IV is promoted as an alternative treatment for a broad range of conditions and can be tailored based on deficiencies identified in your blood work. This “cocktail” can also be tweaked for increased immunity, chronic pain, chronic migraines, inflammatory bowel and much more!